Creative writing corner

Hier gibt's immer wieder neue Anregungen und hoffentlich Inspiration, damit Du Lust bekommst, selber auf Englisch zu schreiben. Viel Spaß mit den "writing prompts", d.h. Bildern, Texten und anderen Vorgaben, unten!


Share your stories/ story ideas in the forum if you feel like it.... I love stories and I love to hear/ read from you!!








A picture

How would you describe the "Magic" of reading?



What's inside this box?






Who is wearing that unicorn costume and why? What is he or she thinking at the moment? Write a short explanation or a first-person-introduction. 

A word or text

Write a scene/ story with the title 


"Strange encounter (Treffen) at the bookstore"











A word with lots of meanings - which one comes to your mind first? Is it positive or negative? In what kind of text (newspaper article, detective story, letter...) would it be most likely to appear (würde es am ehesten vorkommen)?



What comes to your mind when your hear the words "spring rain"?

A situation

What kind of book is this and why did the reader get up without making his or her bed?




What has been torn down here and why? What will be built next? Invent a past and a future for this building.



Imagine you could meet an imaginary character from a book or film and ask one single question. Who and what would it be? You can also describe the meeting with that character.