Stories from the (English-speaking) world

Our first story is actually from Poland, but it is too cute not to start with it this springtime! 

I found this text and this picture on the facebook page of Rudyard Lake according to which Rose Mary Berlin is the artist of the endearing illustration of the Polish legend. 

The Legend of the Pussy Willow
According to an old Polish legend, many springtimes ago a mother cat was crying at the bank of the river in which her kittens were drowning. The willows at the river’s edge longed to help her, so they swept their long graceful branches into the waters to rescue the tiny kittens who had fallen into the river while chasing butterflies.
The kittens gripped on tightly to their branches and were safely brought to shore.
Each springtime since, goes the legend, the willow branches sprout tiny fur-like buds at their tips where the tiny kittens once clung.

According to...=...zufolge




edge=Rand, Ufer





tiny kittens=winzige Kätzchen


grip on tightly=sich festhalten

shore=Strand, Ufer

sprout=sprießen lassen

fur-like buds=fellähnliche Knospen

cling, clang, clung=klammern